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Note: Contact for Kansas Display Manager, Mitch Menges is 620-617-5456 in Catalog



LDC211: 10×8 Assorted Effects Pkd. 1/1
LDA256: 10×8 Z New Color Peony Salute Pkd. 1/1

LDC325: 100-Shot Silver Crackling Tail Pkd. 1/1

LDC332: 100-Shot Gold Strobe Flower Tail Brocade Pkd. 1/1

LDC213: 92-Shot IZW Assorted Effect Pkd. 1/1

LDC108-25: 25-Shot Happy Star  Pkd. 4/1

LDC132-25: 25-Shot Purple Crackling Crossette Pkd. 4/1

LDC147-25: 25-Shot Willow  Pkd. 4/1

LDC24552: 52-Shot Poisonous Spider  Pkd. 1/1

LDC173100: 100-Shot Colorful World  Pkd. 4/1

LDC108150: 150-Shot Happy Star  Pkd. 1/1

LDC240150: 150-Shot Titanium Salute  Pkd. 2/1

LDC179300: 300-Shot Beautiful Flowers  Pkd. 1/1

LDC194-1000: 1000-Shot Crackling Delight Pkd. 1/1

LDC295-1000: 1000-Shot Brocade Crown Salute Pkd. 1/1

LDA215R: 6×8 Fan Shaped Red Pears on Water (For Water Only)  Pkd.2/1

LDA215B: 6×8 Fan Shaped Blue Pears on Water (For Water Only)  Pkd.2/1

LDA278: 6×8 Red Mines Carpet (For Water Only) Pkd. 2/1

LDA279: 6×8 Silver Tail Carpet (For Water Only) Pkd. 2/1

LDA290-1: 6×8 Color Crossette Carpet (For Water Only)  Pkd. 2/1

LDA239: 10×8 “Z” Silver Crackling Stars Pkd. 1/1

LDA518: 10×9 Time Rain Coconut Tree w/Tail  Pkd. 1/1

LDA260: 10×11 “R” Shaped Silver                    
Wave to Golden Crackle Chrysanthemum   Pkd. 1/1

LDA162: 250-Shot Brocade Crown Tail and
Brocade Crown Crossette Pkd. 1/1

LDA296: 300-Shot “O” Shaped Red, White and Blue Scenery Pkd. 1/1

LDA204: 300-Shot “X” Shaped Pink and Lemon  Pkd. 1/1

LDA156: 300-Shot Fan Shaped Red, White and Blue Titanium Salute  Pkd. 1/1

LDA340: 300-Shot “Z” Shaped Rainbow  Pkd. 1/1

LDA161: 1000-Shot Fan Shape Whistling
Dragon Pkd. 1/1

LDA172: 10 x 8 Shot “Z” Silver Crown Horse Tail w/Red Tail  Pkd. 1/1

LDA336: 10×10 Shot “RW” Brocade Crown Tail and Brocade Crown Mines  Pks. 1/1

LDA300: 10×10 Shot “Z” Crackling Mines & Red Tail to Blue Stars and Crackling   Pkd. 1/1

LDA267: 10×10 Shot “Z” Color Tail Silver Crackle Stars   Pkd. 1/1

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