The new Wald Pyro Crew Hats are here!

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Hats are available at the Greenwood offices or by order form!




Click HERE if you are interested in working as a pyrotechnician for Wald’s All American Display Fireworks!

Display Fireworks and Indoor/Outdoor Proximate Pyrotechnic Programs

American Display Fireworks would like to thank you for the opportunity to introduce our company to you. Since 1924, this third generation company has been providing the Midwest with fireworks displays unsurpassed in variety and quality. Our safety record speaks for itself as it has for over 90 years.

From amazing fireworks displays to indoor/outdoor proximate programs to one-of-a-kind special effects, All American Display Fireworks will deliver the pyrotechnic program or effect you want and more! Pyrotechnic programs are used throughout the year to celebrate different occasions!

Types of Displays:

  • Holiday
  • Corporate Events
  • Private Events
  • Fairs, Festivals and Carnivals
  • Theme Parks
  • Sporting Events
  • Musical Events
  • Theatrical Events
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