All American Display Fireworks offers many different services. We can custom design a program to fit your needs and budget. All American can also coordinate turnkey displays where all details involved in a display including shooter teams, delivery of product, product liability insurance, worker’s compensation, five million dollar liability insurance policies, five million dollar vehicular insurance and all required local/state permits will be arranged by our office. It is All American’s goal to make your aerial program a “No Hassle” feature of your event.

Properly licensed individuals, companies, organizations or Government Entities may purchase all the products needed to do their own displays.

Every Show contracted with All American Display Fireworks will include the following:

  1. Five million dollar general liability insurance policy
  2. Workers’ Compensation
  3. A team of trained pyrotechnicians to set up and fire your display
The following display levels are available to our customers:

LEVEL I City and Town Class Displays
Hand fired displays including some frontal scenes, aerial and finale.

LEVEL II State Class Displays
Electronic fired displays including frontal scenes, aerial, finale and choreography.
Normally fired from a singular display launch site.

LEVEL III National Class Displays
Electronic or computer fired displays including a complete array of frontal scenes, multi-position display launch sites (aerial and finale). Choreography included.

LEVEL IV World Class Displays
$50,000 and more
Computer fired displays with complete multimedia coordination, multiple display launch sites and all features listed with Level III.