Original Wald & Co. WarehouseWald & Co., Inc. was established by T. George Wald in 1924 and operated in downtown Kansas City with the help of his sons; Norbert, Harold and Jerry (Boom).

Jerry (pictured left) took over the fireworks business after returning from serving in the military.

Many remember these brothers as they ran the business at 208 Broadway (pictured above right). The business moved from that location in 1992 to its present location on 291Highway in Greenwood, Missouri.

1924 CatalogJerry Wald, second generation of Wald & CO., Inc./All American Display Fireworks, passed away April 5, 2007.

Jerry was very well known and respected in the fireworks industry.

He loved the people and customers that he met over the years.

His faith, family, friends and fireworks were what he lived for and he lived well.

Jerry is survived by his wife, Betty and his children, John, Dee Ann, Marie Deborah, Charlie, Karen and Kevin.

We Miss You “Boom”

Wald & Co is now operated Jerry’s son Charlie (pictured left). Charlie grew up in the old warehouse at 208 Broadway and continues the family tradition of fireworks!


Wald & CO., Inc.

is proud to celebrate its 90th Anniversary in 2014!




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