Remember…Fireworks Don’t Fly

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PHMSA issues Fireworks Transport Compliance Poster – Click HERE to view

Transport-Compliance-PosterATF has issued several new pamphlets concerning explosives magazine construction and record-keeping requirements for Federally licensed manufacturers, importers, dealers and permittees. These new web publications include information on inventory requirements, using commercial records or record books, Limited Permittee Transaction Reporting, distribution of surplus materials, and manufacturing for one’s own use. They are:

  • ATF P 5400.17, Explosives Magazine Construction Requirements
  • ATF P 5400.18, Daily Summary of Magazine Transactions (DSMT)
  • ATF P 5400.19, Recordkeeping Requirements for Explosive Material Manufacturers
  • ATF P 5400.20, Recordkeeping Requirements for Explosives Permittees and Limited Permittees
  • ATF P 5400.21, Recordkeeping Requirements for Explosive Material Importers
  • They may be found at

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