Welcome to Wald & Co. and All American Display Fireworks

Wald Fireworks is celebrating
100 Years in the Fireworks Business!


100th Anniversary Press Release

Since 1924, our company has been providing the best in
1.4G Consumer Firework Products and 1.3G Aerial Displays.
Our commitment to new and innovative products, quality service
and safety is known throughout the fireworks industry!
Wald’s holds a unique position by offering both consumer and display fireworks.

Fireworks are not just for the 4th of July!
Celebrate special events and times with fireworks!
We invite you to explore our website and see the various products and services we offer.

Have a blast!

Blast from the past!

This year Wald Fireworks celebrates 100 years of providing quality products and services to our wholesale clients and the public. These images remind us of the countless good times we have had serving you and your families over many generations. Please send us a favorite memory of yours when dealing with our family. Thank you for your business and your loyalty!

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