The company is a wholesaler that sells directly to only licensed distributors and retailers.

In addition to our warehouse facilities, our Greenwood, Missouri and San Antonio, Texas warehouses also feature air conditioned retail rooms open to the public during predetermined selling seasons. Check out the Retail Fireworks page on our website for more information about our retail facilities!

Class C Consumer Fireworks

Greenwood, Missouri                    Charlie Wald             816-537-7400

San Antonio, Texas                       Dineen Wiechert - Heidi Vogt    

                                                              Leave a message at 210-622-5444

Wald & Co., Inc. has served the Midwest and Texas with a full line of Consumer 1.4G Class C fireworks since 1924.

Wald and Co., Inc. is a member of the American Fireworks Standards Laboratory (AFSL) and has premise and/or product liability insurance available to our customers.

If you are a licensed distributor and/or retailer and are interested in receiving our Class C 1.4G Catalog, please contact one of the offices listed below:

Greenwood, Missouri: 816-537-7400  Email:

San Antonio, Texas: 210-622-5444     Email:

Ellinwood, Kansas: 620-617-5456       Email: